Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook was a definite highlight of Apple’s March 9th media event, as the company introduced a brand-new laptop design that sleeker than ever. One of the highlights of the laptop is its USB Type-C port that can be used both for battery-recharging and also for connecting a plethora of other gadgets and devices to the MacBoo… assuming you purchase the right adaptor. More interestingly, as 9to5Mac has confirmed, it will let you charge the new MacBook on the go using a third-party accessory.

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USB Type-C ports allow bi-directional battery recharging, meaning the 12-inch MacBook can recharge a device and also have their batteries recharged by a different device. Furthermore, because it doesn’t have a MagSafe charger, which Apple did not allow third parties to use in what could have been very useful external batteries for Macs, it means that any battery pack maker could adapt their products for MacBook use.

9to5Mac’s sources have confirmed that such accessories will be supported by 12-inch MacBooks. In fact, the publication says that Apple doesn’t plan to place any limitations on USB-C accessories in the future.

This news could be especially interesting for Apple’s other MacBook models that might get USB Type-C ports at some point in the future.

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