If you aren’t impressed with the aluminum, stainless steel or gold options with the Apple Watch, then you might want to wait a few more months before buying one. 9to5Mac flags an interesting detail in the latest research note from KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo, who says that Apple is working with three new kinds of casing materials for the Apple Watch that it could release in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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Unfortunately the analyst doesn’t give us any indication about what these materials might be although a report we read earlier this week claimed that Apple is actually experimenting with platinum casings for the Apple Watch. This could theoretically send the high-end Apple Watch price through the roof since platinum watches often are three times as expensive as gold watches. In other words, a platinum Apple Watch could cost at least $30,000.

Elsewhere in his note, Kuo projects Apple will sell between 5 million to 6 million Apple Watches in the first half of the year and between 15 million to 20 million throughout all of 2015. Kuo has a very strong track record when it comes to Apple rumors so we wouldn’t be surprised if all his preciations panned out yet again.

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