People who regularly contribute to crowdfunding projects might remember the Coolest, a smart cooler that managed to become the most funded campaign of all time with almost $13.3 million in pledges. Along similar lines we now have the Coolbox, a different kind of smart toolbox that packs lots of smart features. Listed on Indiegogo, this advanced toolbox  has already smashed through its initial $50,000 goal in just a day, with plenty of time left to raise even more money until the March 12th deadline.

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The Coolbox is a toolbox that does many other things than simply carrying your neatly arranged tools, and seems to be a much better fit for the 21st century.

The box comes with dual handles and wheels for easy carrying and a magnetic top that’ll keep all those loose screws in place. The box weighs 14.4 pounds, has a max load of 65 pounds and a capacity of 1797.12 cubic inches.

Smart features include an LED flood light, a clock, Bluetooth speakers, USB ports, integrated battery, a 10-feet power cord, integrated power bar, internal and external tablet/smartphone stand/dock, a clock and a white board.

If needed, the Coolbox can also neatly hide away a few cold beers, complete with ice, for when work is over.

A video showing the Coolbox in action, and the founders’ massive beards, follows below.