The Hobbit trilogy and The Office TV series are great shows that’ll likely keep you entertained for hours, but what would you get if these two worlds were somehow merged? That’s a question the Saturday Night Live crew tried to answered in a new sketch last week featuring The Hobbit star Martin Freeman, who also happens to have been a cast memeber in the original version of The Office.

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Having the characters of The Hobbit populate the modern world of The Office is an easy task for the SNL crew joining Freeman, which imagines the life of Bilbo following the adventures in The Hobbit.

Fans of both The Hobbit and The Office (whether it’s the U.K. version starring Freeman and/or the U.S. version) will not be surprised to see Bilbo become a paper salesman, and will instantly recognize the characters, the puns and the parallels made between these distinct environments.

The full 5-minute SNL parody follows below.