Do you imagine Steve Wozniak smoked a lot of pot and made a lot of penis jokes in his youth? If so then you’ll think the casting choice for Woz’s role in Aaron Sorkin’s new Steve Jobs biopic is absolutely perfect. According to Variety, none other than Seth Rogen has been tapped to play Wozniak in the upcoming film, which we think is an inspired choice for the brilliant and often very amusing Apple cofounder. Christian Bale, who is best known for playing Batman in Gary Nolan’s highly acclaimed trilogy, will play opposite Rogen as Steve Jobs. 

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Although we still don’t know for sure how this new Jobs movie will turn out, the casting so far has been very intriguing and we know that Sorkin — who first wrote about Silicon Valley culture in The Social Network — can write crackling dialogue. In other words, we expect this new movie to at least be better than the film starring Ashton Kutcher.

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