On Wednesday, a flood of new concept art from from the much-anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII hit Reddit like a lightsaber cutting through a spaceship door.

News about Star Wars: Episode VII has been pretty hush-hush, but then Flickering Myth put up a bunch of concept art that is supposedly from the sequel, and the art looks like it’s influenced heavily by the original trilogy.

4a08ee6ff02904da362056d31a65bdf8Image Source: Flickering Myth

15bd894c3d678b08fcf73aa2ad4e91e7-600x238Image Source: Flickering Myth

faee3fb3f2770bba60ef82f9852be979-600x274Image Source: Flickering Myth

New-logo-graphic-13-0-00-00-00-600x392Image Source: Flickering Myth

In addition to these images, this picture said to be of the new Darth Vader’s helmet was also posted to Imgur on Wednesday:

0Zxmke4Image Source: Imgur

The images appear to be legitimate, but one must never underestimate the length Star Wars fans may be willing to go in order to mess with your brain.

Head over to Flickering Myth, which is linked below in the source section, to get the full batch of these photos. They could be spoilers, so you’ve been warned.