Google is expected to launch a high-end 8.9-inch Nexus 9 tablet in the coming weeks, with HTC returning to the Android tablet business after a very long hiatus. Following the many leaks that have already detailed the upcoming tablet, the Nexus 9 has already been spotted at the FCC, suggesting a launch is imminent. Furthermore, a first image showing the rear of the device have been posted online, giving us a first look at the upcoming Nexus tablet.

FROM EARLIER: Google’s big Nexus 9 launch might be closer than you think

The FCC documentation doesn’t reveal any details about the Nexus 9, only its internal product number (0P82100), which has been also spotted in previous Nexus 9 rumors.

The first Google Nexus 9 picture (available below) has been provided by @upleaks, a leaker that offered various other details about the tablet in the past.

“T1 [HTC Nexus 9] will NOT have a metal body, it’s matte plastic like Nexus 5 by LG,” @upleaks tweeted. “But it has Nexus logo.”

This first Nexus 9 picture follows below, with the FCC documentation for the tablet available at the source links.