Google is expected to launch a new Nexus smartphone this fall, a huge Motorola-made Nexus 6 handset supposed to offer high-end specs and run Android L out of the box, according to the many detailed reports that have hit the web recently. The Nexus 6 will be a bigger version of the Moto X, with some renders and even alleged pictures showing a test device spotted in the wild having already hit the web. Android blog Droid-Life has also created some new in-house renders of its own based on information it has received about the device, further confirming the phone’s design.

FROM EARLIER: Leaked pic gives us a fresh look at Google’s hugely anticipated Nexus 6

The publication says the Nexus 6 will look exactly like the 2014 Moto X version, though it’ll be bigger. Thus, the phone’s volume and power buttons will be located slightly lower than on the Moto X, something previous reports have also revealed.

Also, a vertical Nexus logo is expected to be present on the back of the handset, underneath the Motorola logo that’s supposedly also found on the back of the device.

The Nexus 6 is expected to be available in two color options, including black and white, Droid-Life also added – these fresh Nexus 6 renders follow below.