Let’s be honest: At this point, Apple could make a killer iPhone 6 ad using only the incredibly cool videos that people have shot with the new device using the new camera features that come with iOS 8. This particular video is so heartwarming that it practically screams, “Use me in an Apple ad!” — a father uses his iPhone’s ability to take slow-motion footage at 240 frames per second to capture his daughter’s (almost) first steps.

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Personally, we think adding the triumphant opening section of Richard Strauss’s epic score Also Sprach Zarathustra was the perfect touch, even though using it to enhance a video’s “epic-ness” is definitely a little trite at this point.

The proud father, who first posted the video on Reddit, says his footage was actually taken a couple of days after she took her actual first steps, although we can see that her sense of wonder and enthusiasm at being able to walk hasn’t waned yet. As Apple’s marketing team might say, “She’s more powerful than she thinks.”