Many people think they’ve figured out email, and how to better manage it, but email is still a big problem that needs fixing. While there are plenty of interesting ways of dealing with email on a mobile device, and many awesome apps that claim they know how to make email a more pleasant experience, Business Insider has put together a short video showing how five iPhone tricks could help you better stay on top of your email using the default iOS email application.

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Instead of archiving an email with a swipe, iPhone users can simply delete it and not to have to be bothered with it in the future. In addition to doing away with the junk using this iPhone trick, users can also make sure they get the emails they actually want to receive by quickly setting up VIP contacts and receiving proper notifications when VIPs send emails.

Now that you’re finally able to get to the emails you want to read, dynamic type is a small feature in iOS that will let users better enjoy email reading on a smaller display.

When it comes to actual email texts, link inspection is a handy way of checking out links in incoming mail to see where they’ll send you, and text shortcuts will help you quickly type an email on the phone without having to tap quite as much.

A video showing these five email tricks, and instructions on how to enable them on the iPhone, follows below.

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