Samsung’s #Galaxy11 soccer-focused ad campaign had some great clips so far featuring well-known soccer players from various countries who must join forces and put aside differences and rivalries to defeat an alien race in a critical soccer match for the planet. The company on Monday published more Galaxy 11 clips on YouTube, with one of them showing the first half of the match against aliens – but an unpleasant surprise awaits.

Instead of having the actual players star in the match, including Messi, Ronaldo and many others, Samsung has digitally rendered them in the new clip, right next to the alien players they have to face.

The first half of the game looks like a sci-fi FIFA 2014 trailer peppered with Galaxy S5 and Gear product placements, which would be better suited for the E3 event. Digital versions of Messi, Ronaldo and others appear wearing Galaxy devices, and the first half against the alien race isn’t that good.

Even so, Samsung’s strong soccer push right before the 2014 World Cup debuts in Brazil this week is impressive, showing once again Samsung is willing to spend a lot of money to sell a lot of Galaxy devices.

In addition to the first part of the match, Samsung has released a second Galaxy 11 video that features an interesting anthem for the Galaxy 11 team.

The two new videos follow below.

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