AT&T is now following Comcast and Time Warner Cable by coming out with a low-cost option for subscribing to a basic cable package that will include HBO as a way to lure cord cutters back into the fold. As DSLReports notes, AT&T is offering U-Verse subscribers a basic TV package with HBO and 18Mbps Internet service for just $40 per month over the first year. The usual caveats apply, of course: The service is only $40 per month for the first year and jumps to $70 a month after that. The package also doesn’t include HD service, which will set you back by another $10 per month, and it will require you to pay a $99 installation fee. So really, AT&T’s offer isn’t as good as it first sounds but it could still be a welcome one for any Game of Thrones fans who want to watch their favorite show without forking over $100 or more per month for pay television services.