After announcing the Galaxy S5 during a special event scheduled for the first MWC 2014 day, the fifth smartphone in Samsung’s Galaxy S flagship line of Android smartphones, Samsung posted an infographic on its website in order to let users easily compare specs between the various Galaxy S models.

The evolution of the Galaxy S series shows various trends in the Android smartphone ecosystem including the constant growth of displays over the years, from the 4-inch original Galaxy S to the 5.1-inch Galaxy S5, as well as the hardware battle Samsung has engaged in with competitors.

In addition to increasing the size of the display while slimming bezels and opting for thinner profiles, Samsung has used better processors, bigger batteries and more camera megapixels in its Galaxy S models over the years.

The infographic also contains some inconsistencies including a wrong screen size for the Galaxy S4 (4.8-inch instead of 5-inch) and two processor choices for the Galaxy S5 even though just one version has been officially announced – interestingly, previous Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 did have two processor options as well, a feature that’s not highlighted in the infographic. Finally, the model number of the Galaxy S5 isn’t listed in the image.

Furthermore, storage isn’t specified in the infographic, with Samsung still offering only 16GB of storage on the base Galaxy S5 model, without revealing how much of it is occupied by the operating system and the bloatware on top.

The full Galaxy S infographic follows below.

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