After a video that suggested Google might soon launch the Nexus 5 in up to six extra color options was proven to be fake the other day, a new image has surfaced suggesting that the company may indeed be getting ready to offer buyers more color options. Vietnamese site (via CNET) has posted a picture of a red Nexus 5, although the device is yet to be made official. The website says that the red Nexus 5 has “suddenly” appeared in Vietnam, with the product in the image being just a sample. A commercial version of the product will reportedly be available in late February or March.

Purported red Nexus 5 model | Image credit:

Furthermore, a yellow version of the Nexus 5 may also be in the works, with the website claiming that it won’t be similar to the gold or champagne iPhone 5s or HTC One options, but rather similar to some yellow Nokia Lumias. The LG G2, which is somewhat similar to the Nexus 5, is also said to launch in red and yellow options in Vietnam the coming months.