IBM’s famous Watson supercomputer might be able to pummel the competition at Jeopardy, but the intelligent computer isn’t exactly a champion when it comes to generating revenue. In a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, the paper says that IBM CEO Virginia Rometty projected on a conference call this past October that Watson will generate $1 billion in revenue annually by 2018, and $10 billion in total sales over the next 10 years. On the same call, however, Rometty said that Watson’s cumulative revenue as of October 2013 was just $100 million despite the fact that the company has spent the past three years trying to turn Watson into a moneymaker. WSJ says that IBM remains confident that Waston will become one of its most important innovations ever, though, and current use cases include using Watson to power customer service systems and as the brains for various cloud-based apps and services.