Google may be increasing its focus on robots, but it looks like the company still has use for humans as well (even if it only needs them to help develop smarter robots). The New York Times on Sunday evening reported that Blaise Agüera y Arcas has left Microsoft to join Google. The report describes Agüera y Arcas as a “star” engineer and software designer who was well-respected at Microsoft. He was involved with developing Bing Maps according to the report, and he most recently oversaw the creation of a new version of Microsoft’s 3D panorama stitcher app Photosynth. NYT says that Agüera y Arcas will work on machine learning at Google, which has obviously been an area of focus for the company for quite some time now as it looks to constantly improve its advertising products. Agüera y Arcas wouldn’t discuss his role at Google but he did confirm to The Times that he has left Microsoft to join the Mountain View-based company.