AT&T made waves on Thursday morning with the announcement of its new Mobile Share Value plans, offering a large segment of its customers cheaper data plans just in time for the holidays. Perhaps unsurprisingly, T-Mobile was chomping at the bit to issue a response. CNET received an email from T-Mobile marketing executive Andrew Sherrard in which Sherrard said that AT&T’s new Mobile Share plans are confusing, expensive and miss the mark.

“After you do the complicated math, in multiple cases, these new plans are actually a price hike for customers,” Sherrard said.

It is true that for many customers the new data plans won’t provide much, if any, additional savings, but those with off-contract devices will welcome the change. Sherrard argues that T-Mobile offers savings that AT&T cannot compete with, and to a degree, he’s right. That said, it’s a bit of a pot-meet-kettle situation when T-Mobile calls out a confusing data plan.