I have kind of had this infatuation with gold phones… In fact, after my good friend Pharrell got a solid gold BlackBerry, I had to have one in 2006 (even if it didn’t work properly). Way back in October of last year, I found out about a company that was anodizing iPhones in practically any color, and as soon as I saw that they offered a gold option, well, it was on. I also had a couple friends who I knew would love a gold iPhone.  So, I arranged for two to be sent to Jonathan Cheban and Kim Kardashian. Well… this became the anodization company’s most popular color choice, by an incredible margin. It actually wasn’t even close, and the streets soon became flooded with gold iPhone 5 devices thanks to Kim and Jonathan’s tweets about it, and the phone also appeared on the TV show. It’s now being reported that the gold iPhone 5s, the phone Apple has released today, was jokingly referred to internally as the “Kardashian iPhone” but this isn’t a surprise because the publicity of the gold iPhone started in December and gold iPhone 5s parts didn’t start leaking until around 5 months later. It’s entirely possible that Apple wasn’t even planning on making a gold iPhone until the company saw how popular the color was because of the BGR post, and the Cheban, Kardashian, and Wiz Khalifa (yeah I added that one in there, too) tweets.

Also, I checked and Kim is using a black iPhone 5 now, and Jonathan is using a silver 5s and tells me, “Gold is so tacky now! Been there done that!”

I agree.