The HTC (2498) One is one of the best-looking Android devices we’ve seen in a while, but there is one downside to it — so far it’s available on every single major American wireless carrier except for Verizon (VZ). But Droid-Life found a Bluetooth SIG certification filing over the weekend for an upcoming device with the model number “HTC6445LVW” that the site believes is likely a version of the HTC One designed for Verizon. Droid-Life’s reasoning is this: The last big HTC to come to Verizon, the Droid DNA, has a model number of “HTC6435LVW,” so it’s very likely that the 6445 model is the next HTC phone to release for the carrier. What’s more, the mystery phone’s specifications match up exactly with the HTC One’s specs, so the chances are good that some version of HTC’s flagship phone is coming to Verizon in the near future.