Just because Microsoft (MSFT) hasn’t figured out a way to sell the Surface yet doesn’t mean that Windows-based tablets are doomed. Per AppleInsider, Forrester Research’s annual Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends survey of nearly 10,000 information workers shows that there’s even more demand for Windows-based tablets in the enterprise than there is for the Apple (AAPL) iPad. In fact, Forrester found that 36% of workers surveyed said they wanted to use a Windows-based tablet at work, compared to 26% who wanted an iPad and 12% who wanted an Android tablet. This suggests that there’s a significant potential market for the Surface Pro as a workplace computer and that Microsoft could have a big potential opening to get users hooked on both Windows 8 and Windows-based tablets in the near future. The prospects for Windows smartphones aren’t as bright, however, as the survey found that only 10% of workers surveyed wanted a Windows Phone device for their next work smartphone, versus 33% who wanted an iPhone and 22% who wanted an Android phone.