Best Buy has reportedly been testing the waters for a possible “iTV” offering from Apple. According to The Verge, the retail giant has been circulating a customer survey that provides some very specific details about an Apple HDTV to gauge consumer interest. Here are the details:

  • 42-inch 1080 LED display
  • Runs iOS
  • App Store functionality
  • iCloud for access to all your music, TV shows, movies, photos, and videos
  • iPhone and iPad as a remote control with AirPlay to push content from your devices to the TV
  • Built-in FaceTime camera and microphone (we’d imagine Siri, as well)
  • Netflix, YouTube, Flickr support
  • $1,499 price

This list, while detailed, could be easily have been put together by anyone familiar with Apple’s current Apple TV product, though the 42-inch display size and price of $1,499 could be solid indications of what we can expect from Apple. The Cupertino-based company is rumored to be preparing to launch its first HDTV featuring iOS and Siri later this year.