Users of Android phones are more likely to have sex on a first date and have one-night stands, according to survey results revealed by The survey was conducted by Zoomerang and found that 62% of singles who use Android devices have had sex on a first date, compared with 57% of iPhone users and 48% of BlackBerry users. iPhone users are more likely to date someone in their workplace, with nearly a quarter of iPhone-owning singles having had an office romance in the last five years. More Android users, however, have visited an online dating site, compared to 58% of iPhone users and 50% of Blackberry users. After a first date, iPhone users will wait just one day before contacting an individual again, while Android and BlackBerry users won’t initiate contact until after the second or third date. Users of RIM’s BlackBerry platform are more likely to drink alcohol on the first date, with 67% claiming they have experienced love at first sight — perhaps due to the alcohol. The results were based on Internet surveys conducted with 1,068 Canadian singles between October 13th and 15th last year.


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