While Apple’s white iPod touch is the same iPod touch that millions and millions of people own and are familiar with — just in another color — it’s the first device from Apple to ship with iOS 5 pre-installed. The experience right out of the box with iOS 5 is now perfect, requiring no computer whatsoever to get going. And while this doesn’t yet apply to the general public since the only people with iOS 5 back-ups are developers, you can also effortlessly restore all of your backed-up information right to the device from iCloud — no syncing, no cables. Apple’s iPod touch is insanely popular for many reasons, but with a new lower price point starting at only $199, a white color option to freshen things up for the holiday season, and iOS 5, Apple has another hit on its hands. Be sure to check out our hands-on photos of the new white iPod touch in the gallery!