Microsoft gave the world a closer look at Windows 8 on Tuesday and while we all wait to see what the tech giant will actually deliver, the company’s vision is believed by some to embody the future of personal computing. Of course Microsoft’s vision entails a multi-pronged approach, but all eyes are on one prong in particular for the time being: tablets. And where these slim, sleek, sought-after slates are concerned, analysts are already beginning to weigh in on Microsoft’s odds. Read on for more.

RBC Capital Markets analyst Robert Breza believes Windows 8 tablets will help the Redmond-based company maintain its leadership in the personal computing space. “Microsoft’s tablet strategy leverages both desktop and mobile,” the analyst wrote in a note to investors, praising Microsoft’s tile-based Metro user interface. “Unlike traditional Windows 7, ‘Smart Tiles’ leverages multi-touch for a clever way to conveniently access most frequently used files and data.”

Breza states that numerous factors including an installed base of 1.2 billion, enterprise support and a solid developer ecosystem will help Microsoft take 15% of the tablet market in 2014. The company currently holds a 1% share of the market and Windows 8 is not expected to launch until late 2012.

“Microsoft is pushing hard, but is coming from behind given iPad’s dominance and Android’s early lead to market,” the analyst wrote. “Windows 8 tablets could be a valuation catalyst for the stock if investors begin to see Microsoft regaining leadership in the post-PC era.”