Images of what is claimed to be an entry-level iPhone 4 prototype have surfaced online courtesy of a site called Tinthe. The same site in the past published photos of an engineering sample white iPhone that featured what is said to have been a very early test build of iOS 4, in addition to having the white plastic MacBook before announcement and release. The iPhone this time around appears to be an iPhone 4-like device, except the user that uploaded the photos claims it’s more of an “iPhone 4 lite” with plastic casing on the front and rear opposed to the glass exterior the current model features. From the photos however, this to me looks like a pre-production white iPhone 4 at best, and at the very worst, an aftermarket conversion kit commonly found on the streets of China and online. Additionally, the phone looks like it’s jailbroken which wouldn’t make much sense. Lastly, we exclusively reported that Apple would be selling its least expensive iPhone product, the iPhone 3GS, alongside the iPhone 4 and soon-to-be introduced iPhone 5. Why would Apple want to have a lower-cost iPhone 4 that looked like the company’s now high-end — and soon to be mid-end — iPhone 4? If you’re still not convinced that this product is either not ever being released, or is an aftermarket creation, there are a few more photos after the break for you.