In line with rumors that first surfaced weeks ago, it looks as though Apple is preparing to refresh its MacBook Pro notebook computer line later this week. The most promising evidence at this point, as seen above, is the fact that Apple is no longer shipping MacBook Pro orders. Apple’s top-end notebooks are typically available for immediate shipment, however each and every MacBook Pro will now take 3-5 days to ship. Other than rumors that refreshed MacBooks would utilize Intel’s updated Core i5 processors, little is known about Apple’s forthcoming MacBook Pros. One rumor from last week speculates that the notebooks may be the first Mac computers to implement a rebranded version of Intel’s ultra-high speed Light Peak optical connectivity solution. Several pundits believe the addition would warrant a press event, however, during which Apple might unveil the new technology. No members of the press have received an invitation to an Apple event at this time. Apple’s refreshed MacBook Pro line is thought to be due for release this Thursday, February 24th, and price points are not expected to change.