Do you feel special sitting at Starbucks with your venti, iced carmel macchiato (skim milk, two pumps, no whipped cream), wearing that fedora, and palming your eReader? If you do enjoy that sort of thing, you might want to wipe that smug grin off of your face, because according to research from the Yankee Group, eReaders are going to be a lot more common in the coming years. Analytics company Yankee Group estimates that 11 million eReaders were sold in 2010, generating a respectable $1.9 billion in revenue. What’s even more impressive is the analytics company predicts that sales will boom to 72 million units by 2014 generating revenues of around $8.2 billion. What will you do to establish non-mainstream street cred while at Starbucks? We’re not sure, but eReaders are so trendy now.