AT&T has yet to reveal launch pricing for two of its most highly anticipated smartphones, but it looks as though Amazon is already preparing to undercut the carrier at launch. Both announced at AT&T’s press conference during the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, the Motorola ATRIX 4G and Samsung Infuse 4G each went live on last night. Both listings have since been pulled, but not before the world caught a glimpse of Amazon’s intended pricing. Known for its deep discounts, the online retailer plans to price the Motorola ATRIX 4G at $149.99 while the Samsung Infuse 4G will be even more affordable at $99.99. Full retail for the phones is listed as $599.99 and $499.99, respectively. The ATRIX 4G is expected to launch at the end of February for an estimated $199.99, and the Infuse 4G will launch sometime in the second quarter, possibly at $149.99.

[Via Phandroid]

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