We weren’t the only ones to get an iPhone 4 early — iFixIt just released one of their famous teardowns, and while nothing is really new, we do have confirmation on some of the bigger points:

  • RAM is confirmed to be 512MB compared to 256MB in the iPad and iPhone 3GS
  • The two screws on the bottom allow removal of the back glass plate, not the front LCD as with previous models
  • The battery, while not user accessible, is easily replaceable — and huge!
  • The entire from LCD assembly will require replacement if damaged. On earlier models people would buy either the LCD or digitizer separately and adhere them together, but with Apple’s new manufacturing process, this won’t really be possible
  • The integration of cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth radios into the case assembly is “genius”. We agree

So, interested in checking out some more shots of the iPhone 4’s insides? Couple more photos after the jump, and hit iFixIt for the rest!