Remember that cute little handset AT&T announced last week, the Nokia Mural? You know, the 3G clam shell feature phone that beckons tweens with its funky lights and its $50 price tag? Well if you were planning to grab one, think again. According to one of our trusty ninjas AT&T has pulled the handset indefinitely, ordering all shipments stopped and all sales ceased. According to the internal AT&T memo seen above, a production bungle has left the Mural incapable of operating on AT&T’s 3G network. Instead, it’s stuck on 2G. All retail outlets have been informed that they should send the handsets to AT&T’s returns facility by September 25th for a software update — which at least that means a fix is already available. The bad news: no information was provided in terms of when the Mural might become available for sale once again.