Behold, ladies and gentlemen: Bell’s new iPhone! No wait, it’s a pPhone. No… The Palm PrePhone? At this point, we’re wondering if there’s a worldwide (or at least North America-wide) conspiracy amongst creative agencies to ensure that each and every Palm Pre commercial to hit the airwaves is absolute garbage. The good news is that Bell’s commercial at least shows off the phone and its features rather than a painfully odd woman mumbling about walking in the park. The bad news is that it shamelessly and blatantly rips off iPhone commercials. In fact, it rips them off to the point where the agency that put this ad together simply shouldn’t be allowed to work anymore. Ever. The bottom line is that the Palm Pre is a great little phone and it deserves better than this. A little side note: Palm, Bell, buddies… When you’re rocking an App Catalog that currently offers less than 50 apps, you might not want to rip off Apple’s “there’s an app for that” run. Yeah, right now on the Pre there really isn’t an app for anything. Hit the jump for the commercial.

[Via PreThinking]