While Verizon maintains its FiOS service is way too cool to be bothered with things like speed upgrades, Comcast is apparently just about ready to step up to the plate. According to an Inquirer report from this morning, Comcast is prepping an Optimum Ultra competitor that could launch any day now. Comcast’s offering will allegedly provide users with a 100Mbps downlink on par with Cablevision’s 101Mbps Ultra speed, and the uplink could be as fast as 40Mbps. Cablevision’s Optimum Ultra service only provides upload speeds up to 15Mbps. Pricing for Comcast’s new offering is still unknown; it’s current portfolio tops out at 50Mbps/20Mbps for $190 per month. As such, it would be very surprising if its upgraded service competes with Optimum Ultra’s $100 price tag.