Due to hit store shelves in just a few days, a HoFo forum member managed to get her paws on the upcoming Samsung Alias 2 a few days early by sweet talking a CS rep. If you’ve been following coverage of this dual-flip handset, you surely already know about its unique “Magic Keypad” that uses electronic ink technology to change button labels and functions depending on which way the phone is flipped open. Now, as cool as that sounds… It’s even cooler on video — so long, ModeShift. We really hope this is the start of a trend because despite the heft of the Alias 2, similar technology could certainly allow future devices to cut down on the number of physical keys, thus trimming device size. Hit the jump to check out JenJen’s first unboxing video and get ready for a pretty cool feature phone that will start hitting stores on Monday.

UPDATE: We’ve added JenJen’s second video which shows a few more features of the Alias 2, including the QWERTY layout.

Thanks, Mike!