Gartner issued its computer sales numbers yesterday evening and we’re sure no one will be overly shocked by the following: Sales are down. Overall, PC sales dipped 6.5-percent with 67.2 million units shipped during the quarter. Things certainly could have been worse of course, and there is a bright spot amidst the darkness — HP managed to push its way into the number one sales slot in the US by a pretty wide margin, selling 13.3 million units to second place Dell’s 8.8 million. As far as Apple goes, its steadily-rising market share began descending in Q109 as was expected. The growth it spent the year achieving in 2008 was quickly erased; Apple started off 2008 with 7.5-percent of the market in Q1 and finished the year with over 8-percent of the market in Q4. Q1 2009 saw the company’s share drop back down to 7.4-percent. Eh, it was a good run.