BlackBerry users rejoice, Pandora has finally released v1 of it’s custom internet radio streaming application this morning and long story short, it’s everything we’ve been waiting for. It’s… About… Time! We tested the app out on a Bold via AT&T 3G and it worked perfectly — no hiccups and no pauses or stutters. We also tested the various basic functionality such as song skipping, giving a song a thumb’s up or thumb’s down, pausing and creating a new station. Everything worked as it should, though skipping to the next track often took a tad longer than we would have liked. The fact that’s our biggest complaint should give you a pretty good idea of how happy we were with the app though. There’s some more popular Pandora functionality packed in of course, such as the ability to bookmark a song or artist, but we trailed off into a state of bliss before we could get into all that. At this point, after only a short time with the app, we would definitely call it the greatest thing to happen to music on a BlackBerry since, well, music on a BlackBerry. There is some bad news however… No (official) T-Mobile love and no support for the Storm for the time being. Ouch. If you’re a Pandora user with a non-T-Mobile ‘Berry though, hit the read link or go to from your mobile browser and get streaming.

[Via Zatz Not Funny!]