For the record, we’ve been aware of this one for quite a while, but it looks like Visual Voicemail for Blackberry is coming on the very near horizon for current AT&T Blackberry customers. An eagle-eyed tipster alerted us to the presence of a new feature option in the account management system that allows current ‘Berry users to add Visual Voicemail to their account. The system doesn’t allow you to complete the request, returning an error message if you attempt to add it, but it’s a solid indicator that the carrier is preparing for its release. Even better is the current price point in the OLAM system: $0.00. Free Visual Voicemail doesn’t sound so bad now, does it? We’re still not sure when AT&T plans to make this thing fully official, but any day now is a pretty good bet. And we’re also not sure on that free pricing, but we’ll see!

Thanks, Mjkamdar!