We promise, no one is happier about this rumor than the team here at BGR. No, we’re not all too excited about the Kindle 2 itself though it certainly is a snazzy little e-book reader. Truth be told, we’re looking forward to lighter inboxes. Huh? Since we scooped the Kindle 2 back in October and even served up a whole gallery of photos for all to enjoy, the emails have been unending. Hundreds of emails from people asking us about it. People searching out more details on it. People asking if they can buy it from us. People asking us to compare it to each and every other e-book reader on the planet. People asking if they can swap their first-generation Kindle for it. People asking if they can swap their first-born child for it. People asking if it smells like cinnamon and sunshine… You get the picture. Please oh please Amazon – announce the Kindle 2 on February 9th at the press conference you’ll be holding in New York. If for no other reason, do it for your pals at BGR.