The HTC Iolite has been bouncing around in one grainy-pic form or another for the past several weeks, but we’re finally beginning to see some clarified spec listings, not to mention some clarified device shots. The Iolite looks a lot like a modernized version of the Touch Cruise, and sports Windows Mobile 6.1, TouchFlo 3D, 512MB ROM, 288MB RAM, HSDPA/HSUPA with quad-band EDGE, Wifi, GPS, a 3.2 megapixel camera, and more, all powered by a 528MHz Qualcomm CPU. In other words, a pretty well-spec’d HTC-sourced Windows Mobile handset. The image also clearly depicts a dedicated key marked HTC Footprints. Geo-tagging anyone? All told, there’s nothing too crazy here but certainly enough to attract the sort of Windows Mobile faithful that are HTC’s bread and butter. We’ll keep you informed as price point and release date come near, but don’t cross your fingers for an American carrier-subsidized release any time soon.

[Via WMExperts]


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