Just one short week after AT&T suffered a major network outage across much of the northeast and beyond, reports are flooding our inbox yet again complaining of problems. This time, only data seems to be affected but reports are coming in from up and down the east coast. We’re still sitting pretty in the NYC area with no problems connecting via 3G, but plenty of readers are complaining of repeated error messages when attempting to connect. Voice seems to be unaffected but if you live on the east coast and you were planning to stay on top of Apple’s keynote at Macworld later today, AT&T may have other plans for you. Unless you have a buddy you can call to keep you on top of the reports, you may want to find a computer until the issues are resolved. We wonder if a power outage will be to blame, as was reported last week. So, east coasters, how you holding up? Drop us a line below in the comments if you’ve been affected.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!