How’s this for some weekend watching? It looks like a couple of excited Russian mobile enthusiasts managed to get their hands on HTC’s recently-announced WiMAX gobbling Max 4G. You know, the ridiculously hot handset that we won’t be getting our mitts on here in the US. The reviewer gives it a pretty thorough run-through in the video above and despite not being able to understand a word of what’s being said, we certainly came away wanting one. Or three. The only real strike against this handset, provided you can cope with Windows Mobile, is the bogging. The UI definitely looked pretty boggy at several points during the video but it’s hard to tell if the bogging is normal or if it has to do with the fact that they’re streaming NINE videos at the same time in the background while doing the review. Damn. Towards the end of the video the demonstrator also lines the Max 4G up next to the iPhone 3G to give youa  good idea of the size and look. Seriously HTC, we want.

[Thanks, Tom!]