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HTC announces first GSM/WiMax integrated phone: MAX 4G

Updated 4 years ago

If you’re reading this, we hope you’re sitting down because this news is gonna blow you away. HTC recently announced its plans to launch the HTC MAX 4G, the world’s first GSM / WiMax integrated handset! Judging from the looks of that picture along with others floating around the net, it looks like it’s going to be a hell of a gorgeous phone. Of course, HTC rarely disappoints but this is definitely going to be high up on the “want list” for us. The only problem? Well, here it is straight from HTC PR:

While the HTC MAX 4G is being announced with Russia’s Scartel on their ‘Yota’ brand WiMAX network, and is not slated for introduction in the US market, the HTC MAX 4G represents the commitment to cutting edge innovation that HTC is bringing to consumers around the world.

Not slated for introduction in the States? Come on, HTC! First the Touch HD and now this? We’re sure that for those of you desperate enough (and who can blame you?), you’ll find a way to snag one unlocked and use it here where WiMax is available. So, just to continue with the tease, here are some specs for the new device:

  • 3.8″ TFT-LCD flat touchscreen with WVGA 800 x 480 resolution
  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
  • TouchFlo 3D
  • 528MHz Processor
  • GPS
  • WiFi
  • 5 megapixel auto-focus camera
  • Secondary VGA camera for Video Calling
  • VoIP
  • Accelerometer for portrait/landscape modes

Is anyone frustrated beyond belief yet that this isn’t hitting the US? Not only does it have video calling but when two users are on Russia’s Yota Mobile WiMax network, calls are automatically routed as VoIP – how cool is that? Anyway, before you start turning green with envy, just remember how much you’ll have to sacrifice in Mother Russia when snagging the latest and greatest devices.