Ever since the Samsung M8800 Pixon was first announced, we hoped it would find its way to the US somehow. To refresh your memory, the Pixon is basically a fully loaded 8 megapixel digital camera that just so happens to have a phone on board as well. Here in the US we’ve gotten pretty used to seeing gems like this pass us by but as it turns out, we may have jumped the gun in assuming that Samsung’s sexy 8 megapixel shooter would be passing us by as usual. According to a new rumor, Samsung will be bringing the Pixon, rebranded as the T929 Leica, to the US by way of T-Mobile. Rumors had been starting to surface and now a little hint might have been uncovered by way of Best Buy’s website. It looks like the retailer may have accidentally included the T929 on the list of handsets compatible with a replacement lithium ion battery that indeed fits the Pixon. Oops. Let’s hope that if this rumor does turn out to be true, Samsung manages to tweak this puppy a bit and work some 1700 MHz 3G love in there…

[Via Cellphone Signal]