If multiple reports across the web are to be believed, the answer might be yes. According to a rather sizeable thread over at the Apple discussion forums, a number of users are experiencing a curious problem that causes the track pad on their new Macbook to freeze up and stop registering clicks after 50 or so successful pushes. The freeze seems to last for 5-10 clicks, after which the button begins functioning again. There has been no official response from Apple, so we can only speculate as to the cause, but according to many of the responses on the forums it seems that tweaking some of the software settings for trackpad sensitivity cause the problem to disappear, at least for a short bit of time. If it is in fact  software related, Apple could theorhetically right the issue with a simple firmware update, a much easier task than a full-on hardware recall. Anyone out there experiencing a similar issue on their shiny new laptops?


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