The shot above certainly seems to verify the existence of a new, slimmer XBox 360 in the wild. The image comes to us courtesy of noted Microsoft pundit Paul Thurrott, who published the image as part of a recent review of the new Microsoft Arc mouse. While the XBox in the background wasn’t intended to be part of the presentation, it couldn’t help but show it’s face and add fuel to the rumor mill fire. A new variant of the aging gaming system has been rumored for quite some time, and the box depicted in the image doesn’t look too far off from what we would imagine the refreshed system to look like. That said, there’s also a chance that this speculation is the result of an little optical tomfoolery. What do you think? New XBox or absurd speculation?

UPDATE: Sadly, this rumor has been shot down by Mr. Thurrott himself, who explains that the appearance of a “slim XBox 360” is a regular issue XBox 360 that has been warped by the camera angle.