Bear with us folks. We’ve just got ahold of an AT&T product sheet dated September 17th. Also known as “the most up to date doc you’ve seen”. Before we get into the BlackBerry Bold nonsense, here’s a break down on what the sheet says:

  • HTC Fuze will launch on October 23nd
  • Motorola V9x (new V9 with GPS) launches on October 2nd
  • Samsung Mirage i907 (basically our version of the Omnia) launches on October 21st
  • Pantech C740 in red, navy, and green launches on October 14th
  • Nokia 6650 launches in red and silver on October 23rd
  • BlackBerry 8320 in that totally cool color launches on October 21st
  • BlackBerry Pearl in pink launches on October 2nd
  • The BlackBerry Curve in “burnt orange” is pushed to “2009”.
  • The regular BlackBerry Curve is discontinued
  • The Palm Treo 680s are discontinued

Now for the weird stuff… this sheet lists the BlackBerry Bold with a November ETA. We’re not so sure what’s going on, but we’re sticking very firm to our October 2nd launch date on AT&T. There you have it, guys! Larger image after the jump.