If you’re a car fanatic, you can’t help but being intrigued by Rolls-Royce’s newest announcement; the RR4 due to start production in 2010. It’s the “baby” Rolls-Royce that’s been floating around in the rumor mill for the last couple years. And by baby, we mean smaller. Ever since BMW bought Rolls, their design and technology has slowly made it’s way into Rolls-Royce’s lineup. From the same 7-Series key, to iDrive, to the same driving controls, they’ve integrated a whole lot. Now, the RR4 is set to further expand that line by using the 7-Series framework. Expect it to be similarly sized, but pack that Rolls-Royce punch. Now, who else is getting one with us? Matching cars? Let’s go! We got first dibs on BGR Blue, though…Couple shots of the limited edition sketch and Rolls materials after the jump.