Samsung’s HDTV lineup just got a whole lot more appealing. The company has announced a new add-on option to some of their higher-end HDTVs that will bring wireless HDMI to your living room. The option, which should run about $800 when it becomes available, will be built in the the back of the units, allowing you to connect to a number of other Wireless HDMI-equipped components. $800 is rather steep, but when you’re dropping $4,000 on a 46-inch Sharp X-Series TV, it starts to look a little less daunting. Wireless HDMI provides 1080p picture quality, and is able to broadcast through walls and furniture. Imagine a central component system, including a Cable Box and Blu-Ray Player, all broadcasting to every TV in your house. Sounds pretty great to us and we’ve been waiting for this for a long time. The option will initially be available to Japanese customers only, with a US offering following in hot pursuit. Hurry up, please!