Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Whoever he is, he obviously hasn’t met the iPhone Dev Team. No firmware is safe around these guys, and 2.0 is no exception. Apple recently issued development copies of their current 2.0 build to a select handful of testers and the Dev Team managed to get their paws on it. We knew it would be jailbroken eventually but this is just too good. What does this mean for all of us? Once Apple-approved SDK-compliant apps hit the market, we’ll all be able to enjoy them on jailbroken firmware alongside all of the great non-sanctioned apps we have now. Of course with iPhone app development so wonderfully accessible to the masses, expect to see plenty of familiar faces crossing over and issuing apps via iTunes. Why not? App Store freeware is free for the developer and for the user. The iPhone 2.0 firmware will be released in June to coincide with the grand opening of the App Store. Rest easy knowing that the instant the new firmware is released you’ll be able to break it and maintain all of your precious apps; even the ones that run background processes.