Art Lebedev, creator of the long awaited and highly anticipated OLED keyboard, has just posted a mock up of the Optimus Tactus keyboard concept. A Transformer of sorts, the design consists of a large touchscreen panel that would allow users / software to create keys and other interfaces in any shape or pattern. This forward-thinking use of touch technology would also allow multimedia to be displayed directly within the input interface! Imagine an intuitive keyboard with the ablity to change form in real-time, accept several input methods simultaneously and display high-resolution multimedia. Amazing, no? Since the technology needed to manufacture the Optimus Tactus already exists, there is really nothing stopping Art Lebedev from making it happen; or is there? The end user price for such a device would likely be more than many computers cost these days, but that actually might not be such a barrier. Think of the hardware that this beauty could potentially replace: keyboard, mouse, monitor (second display or even primary), tablet interface, digital pen, etc. Throw integrated Bluetooth and a simple pair of speakers into the mix and you’ve got an amazing local network PMP and an internet tablet as well. With the right marketing and a good amount of buzz there is a good chance that the Optimus Tactus could find quite a niche in the digital artist / tech-savvy communities. There is of course, just one thing. There had better be something “tactile” about the Tactus or we’re going to have a real problem about that name!

[Via Ubergizmo]