You thought you were pretty slick when you bought that 42" plasma TV a couple of years ago, huh? Yeah, it was expensive, but you were the envy of every Monday night-football-watching-friend everywhere. But see, then those friends went out and bought a better model that was way less expensive than yours. Now you’re left with the problem of having only one HDMI port on the screen, and you’re not hip enough to use a receiver. What’s a man to do? Luckily, Belkin has come out with a 2-in-1 HDMI switch that allows you to have two devices plugged right in. It will also prevent you from looking like a monkey juggling HDMI cables behind the TV every time you want to get your Blu-ray on. It’s only $54.99 and comes with a remote so you never have to get out of bed and disturb the cats. Never disturb the sleeping cats.